Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress.”

– Peyton Smith, Acquisition & Disposition

Our Home

we occupy 7,200 sq ft on the 3rd floor of 502 main avenue, lake norden, sd 57248.

Our Story

Black Kanyon was created in 2020 as a way to capture both the real estate and operational side of business. We are a private equity company that purchases cash producing assets across a variety of industries. To learn more about our day to day, check out The Beginning of Black Kanyon

The Black Kanyon Team

Raygen Randall​

Raygen joined the Black Kanyon team in May 2023 and holds the position of Project Manager. He assists with the real estate portfolio with a primary focus on assessing property value and overseeing the capital expenditure associated with each asset. Raygen also manages Black Kanyon's aviation sector, diligently coordinating flights and overseeing aircraft maintenance operations.​

Faith Leiseth-Hanson​

Faith joined the Black Kanyon team in June of 2023 and holds the position of Marketing Director. She is accountable for the management of diverse social media platforms, providing team support, overseeing office operations, and fostering innovative idea generation. Faith exudes enthusiasm for content creation and ideation, coupled with a motivating individuals to attain their optimal potential.

EJ Drake​

EJ joined the Black Kanyon team in July of 2020 and has served several roles since. He is holds the role of Asset Manager and Business Operations. EJ is passionate about pushing people to reach their unknown potential, and ensuring assets are optimized to their full potential.

Jalayna Haug

Jalayna has filled the role of Executive Assistant since the beginning of Black Kanyon in 2020. She is responsible for overseeing both marketing and executive functions. Jalayna is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of the executive team's operations.

Peyton Smith​

Peyton Smith founded Black Kanyon in 2020 and has been self-employed since 2012. Peyton leads the Acquisition and Disposition processes at Black Kanyon. His daily enterprise is focused on increased growth and creative solutions.

Matt Schreiber​

Matt joined the Black Kanyon team in November of 2021. He currently holds the position of Finance Operations, where he is responsible for everything finance for our entities. He is accountable for the financials, reporting, and investor funds management for all of the real estate and businesses we own.​

Jared Gass​

Jared joined the Black Kanyon team in December of 2021. He underwent a transition from the role of attorney at Black Kanyon to his present position as General Counsel. Jared demonstrates a meticulous approach to deal negotiations, places a strong emphasis on cultivating positive investor relations, and consistently ensures the delivery of high-level drafting and exceptional legal representation.

Core Focus

To Provide Life Changing Opportunity For Our People

Core Values


Don’t Give Up, Find a Way, Embrace the Suck

Humbly Confident

No Arrogance, Know Your Stuff, Be Vulnerable

Team Player

Make Other People Better, Selfless, Active Listening


Make the Best of Everything, Positive Vibes