We attack challenges with creative problem solving to bring our projects and ideas to fruition.”

– Peyton Smith, Visionary

Our Strategy

We use creative problem solving to see problems, projects, and ideas to fruition. With a big vision and a incredible core values, we hope to create a company that provides opportunities everywhere and creates growth across the country as well as in our community.

How do we buy?

By raising capital through private equity investors, structuring the deal for a Seller Carryback, investing our own capital, or any combination of the three.

How do we add value?​

Through better marketing, quality tenants, improved units, improved common areas and overall property aesthetics, and decreasing general operating costs.


Black Kanyon, LLC is a holdings company that came into existence in February of 2020. It was created to hold our operating businesses, as well as real estate assets. Our small team works a number of roles in each of our operating companies.

Core Focus

To provide opportunity for employees, investors, and Strategic partners


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