We're driven by helping folks grow or expand their business. Together, we can crush your goals."

– Peyton Smith, Visionary

- Black River Holdings​

Black River Holdings is a real estate investment company that started in 2013 with the first rental purchase, a trailer house. Over the course of a few years, the company portfolio grew to almost 500 units. The company consisted of several partnerships and ownership structures before rebranding in 2020.

Industry: Real Estate
Founded: 2013

- Blacklist, LLC

Blacklist is an aviation company that started in 2020 with the purchase of a small private plane. Blacklist fulfills the travel needs of companies held by Black Kanyon. In the future, Blacklist looks to provide easy access to private flights across the Midwest.

Industry: Aviation
Founded: 2020

- Tuo Credit Builder

Tuo Credit Builder is a personal LOC program that allows users to grow their credit on auto-pilot. Black Kanyon became involved in Tuo after seeing potential in the idea and the founders.

Industry: Banking
Founded: 2021

-Helium Co-Op

Helium Co-Op is a helium miner operation that mines the HNT cryptocurrency using internet connections. Black Kanyon partnered with Helium Co-Op to diversify their profile with stable cryptocurrency.

Industry: Crypto
Founded: 2021

- Midwest Ag Services, LLC

- Midwest Ag Services, LLC

Midwest Ag was an agricultural business that provided custom strip tilling, spraying, and side dressing as well as seed and chemical products to local farmers. Midwest Ag was started in 2012 by three brothers.

Industry: Agriculture
Founded: 2012
Exited: 2020

- Rawhide Trucking

Rawhide Trucking was a livestock transportation service, started in 2014 by two brothers. Its purpose was hauling cattle between South Dakota and Kansas for the local dairy.

Industry: Agriculture & Transportation
Founded: 2014
Exited: 2020